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Alhamdulillah, we have managed to secure a weekly slot for the Carpenter Rooms (Fridays 1 - 2pm). To allow as many people to perform Jumm'ah salat as possible, we will be holding 2 jama'at - 1st one at 1:00pm and the 2nd at 1:30pm. For the sake of recording attendees for the track & trace system, and to avoid a large number of people queuing outside at once only to reject people once the capacity has been reached, we will be implementing a booking system for each of the jama'at, the forms for which will be sent out by e-mail at 3pm every Wednesday. The reason we will only be sending the forms out by email is so that everyone gets access to the booking at the same time, as we will be able to schedule an email to be sent out automatically at the exact time specified. This will give everyone a chance to fill in the form before it automatically closes once the capacity of 27 people (including the Imam, so 26 attendees) has been reached. Please do not attend if you haven't booked a slot. We will have no option but to turn you away.

If you haven't yet subscribed to our mailing list, please do so by going to the home page and find "Brisoc email subscription". As our Jumm'ah is open to both students and non-students alike, please make aware anyone who you think would be interested in coming, who may not be on our group chats or on our mailing list already. May Allah SWT reward you all for your cooperation.

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We pray that everyone is doing well both physically and mentally in these challenging times.

With the grace of Allah ﷻ , the prayer rooms have now been certified as 'Covid-19 Secure'. This means they are now re-opened for worship. By working alongside the University Facilities Management and Multifaith Chaplaincy, we have outlined the following new guidelines for Coach House, 21 Woodland Road Prayer Rooms.

• Rooms are accessed through the usual Ucard reader, however, only two people are allowed to use the prayer rooms at any one time.

o What this means is, if the room has reached the maximum capacity (i.e. two people are already inside praying) then you must wait outside the room in an orderly fashion whilst ensuring appropriate distance is maintained.

o To reduce the waiting time for other worshippers, we therefore humbly request that you perform your voluntary prayers elsewhere during the peak hours.

• Communal items such as prayer mats, Qur’an, hadith and all other supplication books have all been removed.

o This means you must bring the items you would need for the prayer and take them with you when you finish using the space.

• A face covering must be worn at all times whilst you are in the room.

• A sanitising station and essential cleaning items are provided for your use.

o We strongly recommend that you sanitise your hands appropriately.

We understand that these new restrictions may pose inconveniences. However, we hope that you will appreciate the need for these new guidelines and cooperation in order to preserve the wellbeing of every member in our community.

University of Bristol Islamic Society

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All praise is due to Allah for His countless blessings, and salutations upon our beloved Prophet Mohammed ﷺ, his blessed family, companions, and all the righteous people that followed them.

As salaamu alaykum everyone,

My name is Aamir, and I am the incoming Brisoc President. Welcome to your new family! 😊

First of all, a massive congratulations for getting into the University of Bristol and the city of Bristol where you will spend the next few incredible years achieving incredible things!

I can completely understand if you’re feeling a little daunted by how uncertain everything looks at the moment, but let me reassure you that you are not alone. Undoubtedly, the pandemic has had a massive impact on many lives. For some, the scars are deeper than others and things may not feel the same. I pray that Allah ﷻ continues His blessings upon you and your family and that He ﷻ gives us the strength and perseverance to continue moving forward and see through this rather challenging period.

Despite the uncertainties that we are facing, things are slowly starting to appear ‘normal’. The University is making plans on mitigating the impact caused by Covid-19. Here at Brisoc, we are also busy carefully planning to ensure we welcome our new family members in the best way possible.

As a student-led society, we aim to facilitate a communal space for all Muslim students in order to cultivate our shared values as firm believers in God and His Messenger ﷺ. By providing you with diverse and engaging programmes and campaigns throughout the year, we aim to encourage the believers to adopt a God-centric way of life (Taqwa) – of which the root word appears well over 150 times in the Qur’an. Allah ﷻ mentions a number of ways by which we can all attain this important commodity, and by God's will, we want to be the means for that attainment.

Our beautiful religion is one that is rich and diverse, and we want to showcase this to the wider community. As the main Islamic student body on campus, we plan to improve our focus on our members’ academic and welfare interests. By adopting a member-centred approach and using the feedback we received from last year, we have made several significant changes in the way we cater to our members, such as:

· designating a new role for equality and wellbeing

· diversifying on inclusion and participation

· outlining a proper complaint procedure for raising concerns

· having an ISOC Murabbi (a designated scholar to answer our queries).

We are also in the process of initiating exciting new schemes, as well as improving our existing ones.

Despite the challenges that we are all facing, I hope you can appreciate our ambitious but achievable set of priorities, and with the permission of Allah, we will deliver them all over this year. I’m keen to hear from you on any ideas, thoughts, or concerns. You can reach me on, alternatively, you can get in touch with any of the committee members listed in the committee section.

I pray that Allah ﷻ keep you safe and that we meet in-person very soon! 🧡