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One of the many areas that we focus this year is on providing quality and authentic Islamic education for our members. Our goal is to spark a revolution in the provision of Islamic education, developing upright Muslims well-informed of their faith and ready to deal with the challenges of the modern-day society.

To achieve this objective, all praise be to Allah, we have teamed up with iSyllabus to provide our members with a clear and authentic presentation of the Islamic faith, laying the groundwork for extensive lifelong learning. The result is an Islamic studies program that spans over three levels, with each level having a well-defined educational outcome.

One year diploma

Open to everyone regardless of the previous level of knowledge 
> Non-Brisoc member: £245
> Brisoc member: £195

Intermediary year 1

> Open to anyone who has previously enrolled onto Diploma course. 
> Non-Brisoc member: £315
> Brisoc member: £195

> Open to those who has previously enrolled onto Int Y1 programme  
> Non-Brisoc member: £315
> Brisoc member: £195

Intermediary year 2

To secure your discount for the above courses:

1.    Become a Brisoc member 

2.    Once you’ve become a member, send us an email with your full name and the course you wish to enrol onto

3.    Once we’ve checked your membership status, we will email you back with your discount code.

4.    Using your discount code, sign up for your course here