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Prayer Rooms Reopening

We pray that everyone is doing well both physically and mentally in these challenging times.

With the grace of Allah ﷻ , the prayer rooms have now been certified as 'Covid-19 Secure'. This means they are now re-opened for worship. By working alongside the University Facilities Management and Multifaith Chaplaincy, we have outlined the following new guidelines for Coach House, 21 Woodland Road Prayer Rooms.

• Rooms are accessed through the usual Ucard reader, however, only two people are allowed to use the prayer rooms at any one time.

o What this means is, if the room has reached the maximum capacity (i.e. two people are already inside praying) then you must wait outside the room in an orderly fashion whilst ensuring appropriate distance is maintained.

o To reduce the waiting time for other worshippers, we therefore humbly request that you perform your voluntary prayers elsewhere during the peak hours.

• Communal items such as prayer mats, Qur’an, hadith and all other supplication books have all been removed.

o This means you must bring the items you would need for the prayer and take them with you when you finish using the space.

• A face covering must be worn at all times whilst you are in the room.

• A sanitising station and essential cleaning items are provided for your use.

o We strongly recommend that you sanitise your hands appropriately.

We understand that these new restrictions may pose inconveniences. However, we hope that you will appreciate the need for these new guidelines and cooperation in order to preserve the wellbeing of every member in our community.

University of Bristol Islamic Society

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