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Assalamualaikum Freshers!

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

I’m Hussain, a third-year Aerospace Engineering student, and I’m immensely proud to be leading the Islamic Society this year!

Firstly congratulations for getting into Bristol! We at Brisoc are a very diverse and welcoming community of Muslims from various backgrounds and Islamic traditions, acting to facilitate the social and spiritual needs of Muslim students at the University.  My role is to oversee the activities of the society and act to support members of the University’s Muslim community.

The Islamic Society aims to provide an enjoyable and rewarding environment to support you through your time in Bristol. We have regular social, sporting and spiritual events to help you develop lifelong friendships, achieve personal excellence and to grow closer to Allah (swt).

Joining the University can be a daunting prospect - it was for me! I worried a lot about navigating Bristol as a non-drinker and about the academic pressures of my degree. Joining the Islamic Society has helped me to develop many friendships, turning Bristol into a home away from home.

The people I met have helped me so much in my personal and spiritual growth, allowed me to enjoy various new hobbies and activities, and (most-crucially!) pointed me in the right direction with some tough assignments and exams!

It surprised me how welcoming the members of the society were to people of various cultural backgrounds, schools of thought, and levels of religious practice. Everyone in our tight-knit community will do their very best to help you settle into life here insha'Allah.

Lastly, whilst going to university is a life-changing and immensely enjoyable experience, there will naturally be ups and downs. The entire committee have a standing offer to meet up and talk with any student having difficulties or concerns with any aspect of university life. Please shoot us an email via the committee page or text if you ever want to talk :) 

I hope you enjoy our smashing new website and I look forward to meeting everyone in September!