Prayer Spaces


Alhamdulillah Brisoc hosts weekly Friday Jummah prayers

in the Student Union 

Details of the room and times are posted on the Brisoc facebook page, and Brisoc official WhatsApp groups


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Prayer Spaces on Campus

Prayer Room

There is a dedicated facility at Coach House, behind 21 Woodland Road. This can be accessed either from Woodland Road or via the bridge on St Michael's Park. These facilities are available 24/7 and entry is by your student UCard.
There is a room for men at the front and for women at the back, and both have toilet and wudu facilities.

Card Access

During term time, to gain access, please email

with your name and UCard number, your card will

then be activated

(during University vacations, please contact

For directions to the prayer room please click below

Arts Arts and Social Sciences Library (ASS)

Prayer area on the bottom floor, down the stairs from the ground floor group study area then take a left (under the stairs).

Please note this is a makeshift prayer space so it is small and prayer mats have been provided.

Student Union (SU)

There is a prayer room (also used for meditation) located on the fourth floor.
Access is via the double doors on the left-hand side once off the lifts, then the room is the first door on the left.


(Please make sure to turn the do not disturb
sign back to normal once done).

"And establish prayer and give zakat and bow with those who bow in worship"

(Surah al-Baqarah, 43)

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