Regular Programmes

Regular Circles 

We host multiple ongoing regular programmes that take place throughout the year. These include a Sisters' circle, Friday Surah Kahf circle for brothers, Thursday's Dua Kumayl and weekly Arabic lessons. In accordance with the University's Covid-19 guidelines, we have some changes in the way we deliver our weekly circles. For more information, please get in touch with the committee.

Monthly Book Club

As British Muslims, we have to contend with a lot. From questioning our identity to looking at the world around us, sometimes it feels as though we are lost. Cue Brisoc Book Club, a student-led initiative where every month we review a book of our members choice and have a discussion with the authors about their works. The aim is to encourage Muslim (and non-Muslim) students to read more and gain a deeper understanding of the world today. Ranging from self-help to geopolitics, autobiographies to spirituality, there'll be a book for everyone God Willing.

The more people that get involved the wider the reach we will have and inshaAllah the more authors we can invite in! If there is enough interest we can even arrange exclusive Brisoc discount codes and get author-signed books. So remember to invite your friends, join our community and look out for our events towards the end of each month!

Brothers Surah Kahf Circle.png

Alhumdulillah we are pleased to restart our Friday Surah Kahf sessions starting from 9th Oct on a weekly basis. 

Click here for info on timing and joining link <3

Arabic Book