It's important to find a good work-life balance. We hold regular sporting events where everyone can take part.  and enjoy themselves. Our regular events have teams such as sisters netball, brothers football, and our new brothers basketball.

Links to join the clubs will be added once the academic year has started :)

Sisters Netball


Bristol ISoc is excited to join the ISOC NETBALL initiative which is seeing ISoc's from across the UK form their own netball teams, engaging Muslim women in sports!

If you are interested in being part of a BRISTOL ISOC team which would hold weekly netball practices for ISoc members, then fill in this form so we can gauge interest!

For more info - speak to Aaminah or visit isocnetball to find out more!

Brothers Football

Join us in head to head matches against other ISocs, and other University of Bristol Societies.

For more information contact Hussain